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Educate & Mobilize Utility Customers

In North America, the manner and reasons for customer engagement are changing to achieve carbon reduction, energy efficiency, load balancing, water conservation, and customer-centricity goals.

What utilities need is a next-generation, self-service platform to inform and ignite lasting behavioral changes. 

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Adaptive Consumer Engagement (ACE)


Adaptive Consumer Engagement (ACE) is a customer self-service, data presentment platform offered as part of the Silverblaze solution portfolio. It is purpose-built to educate and mobilize utility customers to change their behaviors.

A SaaS, multitenancy solution hosted on the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud, ACE leverages Azure’s AI/ML engine to provide customers with personalized insights and recommendations into their energy and water usage.

View our customer testimonials below to find out how ACE is helping our customers: 

  • Progress energy efficiency and renewables;

  • Advance water conservation; and

  • Lower their cost to serve.

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Customer Testimonials

Software for Life Program

Silverblaze, is a Harris Computer Systems' company. Like all Harris’ businesses, ACE and Silverblazes other solutions are supported by a healthy R&D budget and “Software for Life” program. It encompasses our commitment to:

Adapt Silverblaze's solutions to the most modern technology available.

Evolve to meet specific utility needs based on use cases.

commitment to
environmental sustainability

The global climate crisis is threatening, and the public cloud is key to reducing energy consumption among data centers. ACE is a 100% SaaS, multi-tenancy solution built on the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud Service.


According to the report developed by Microsoft and WSP, “The Carbon Benefits of Cloud Computing,” “The Microsoft Cloud is between 22 and 93 percent more energy efficient than traditional enterprise datacenters, depending on the specific comparison being made. When taking into account our renewable energy purchases, the Microsoft Cloud is between 72 and 98 more carbon efficient.”

The report attributes these savings to Microsoft’s commitment to IT Operational Efficiency, IT Equipment Efficiency, Datacenter Infrastructure Efficiency, and Renewable Electricity Procurements. 

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Brian Thomas
Executive Vice President, Silverblaze


Adam Smith
Senior Vice President, ACE


Jerry Rahon
VP Sales & Marketing, ACE

Leadership Team 

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Silverblaze Solution Portfolio

ACE is part of the Silverblaze solution portfolio. For over 20 years Silverblaze has been offering utilities award-winning customer engagement and self-service solutions.

Silverblaze, a business unit of Harris Computer Systems, is independently and autonomously operated.

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