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Challenges Facing Today's Utilities 

Knowledge about the adverse effects of climate change and water shortages has finally reached the masses. Energy and water consumers are critical to turning this situation around.

Despite the availability of several self-service applications and platforms to educate and engage them, there is a big gap between emotional buy-in and lasting behavioral change.

Adaptive Consumer Engagement (ACE)

Adaptive Consumer Engagement (ACE) is purpose-built to close this gap. It is a modern, self-service platform that helps utilities better reach consumers and engage them in efficiency and conservation.


Configure ACE specifically for your utility through unique APIs and widget designs.

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ACE for Energy Utilities

ACE educates and mobilizes utility and energy consumers to use energy more efficiency and tap into clean energy sources through:  

  • AMI Bill and Bill Disaggregation

  • Peer and Rate Comparison

  • Electric Vehicle Charging

  • Renewable Energy Sources and Usage

  • Bill-to-Date and Cost/Usage Threshold Notifications 

  • Analytics Dashboard

  • eHER (personalized electronic home energy reports)


ACE for Water Utilities

ACE enables water utilities and their customers to gain insights into how and where water is being used. It detects leaks and sends related notifications to consumers in real-time.

ACE also allows utilities to offer their consumers visibility into:

  • AMI Bill and Bill Disaggregation

  • Peer and Rate Comparison

  • Bill-to-Date and Cost/Usage Threshold Notifications 

  • MySavings Opportunities

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The Value of ACE

  • Leverage comprehensive suite of omnichannel tools to meet consumers where they are

  • See quick results behavioral programs rooted in data science

  • Enhance your online presence and brand

  • Design smart and efficient consumer programs to elevate their journey 

  • Enable call center employees to impersonate ACE end-users through the CSR portal

  • Empower customers and manage expectations with alerts based on energy and water usage

See What ACE Offers

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ACE is a 100% SaaS solution built on the Microsoft Azure public cloud.

Powered by Azure's AI/ML engine, it is:





Big Data Supported


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