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Turning Electric Utility Goals into Utility Customer Goals

In today’s business landscape, utility companies across North America are talking about the importance of customer-centricity. With the goal of acting in the customer’s best interest, customer-centric organizations seek to understand customers and consider customer outcomes when making all business decisions. But this isn’t a complete definition.

Customer-centric organizations make the best decisions for the customer and company in parallel. There is no other way to succeed in the regulated environments in which electric utilities operate.

This means you must look beyond what your customers want to your own objectives and goals and why they are good for the customer. Then you must find ways to communicate these benefits and invite participation.

For regulated electric utilities, energy efficiency and energy transition are prime examples because:

  • Energy efficiency is all about using less electricity; and

  • Energy transition is shifting to carbon-free energy sources.

Regulatory bodies have set objectives and goals for utilities in these two areas and the ownness is on the utility leaders to figure out how to succeed.


The good news is that Silverblaze is here to help. Our self-service solution is purpose-built to:

  • Educate customers about personal benefits of engaging with your products, programs, and services

  • Mobilize them to change their behaviors starting on the go-live date and spanning the length of the relationship.

It is a SaaS, multitenancy solution hosted on the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud. Leveraging our proprietary behavioral science methodology and Azure’s AI/ML engine, it is enabling personalized customer education and empowerment at a level our industry has never offered before.

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